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"The world is a far less scary place thanks to the care, guidance, and treatment I received from Debra. When emetophobia and contamination OCD (COCD) brought my life to a halt a little over a year ago again, I worried I was going to be stuck in the cycle of fear and compulsion forever. After two failed attempts at getting specialized care, I had my initial consultation with Debra and finally felt a sense of hope that I could get better. Debra’s structured, evidence-based, and intuitive approach worked wonderfully for me. Understanding the neural and behavioral basis for what I was experiencing demystified and softened the previous untouchable horror that was emetophobia and COCD. I am so grateful for Debra’s expertise and ability to help foster confidence in oneself, even at my lowest."

Angela L
“Debra is a true expert in treating body-focused repetitive behaviors (BFRBs) and I am deeply grateful that I found her. She approached my lifelong skin-picking disorder with a structured, directive plan, incorporating psychoeducation, CBT, ACT, mindfulness and self-compassion. We identified triggers, tracked progress and utilized distractions. Debra guided me through this process with genuine warmth, compassion, professionalism and knowledge. She is an enthusiastic cheerleader who I am happy to have in my corner!”
Katie W
“Debra provided something to me that 15 years of other therapists never did - an actual plan on how to tackle my OCD.
Armed with this, she guided me through every step of the process and helped me develop the tools and techniques that I can
use outside of our sessions. Debra is knowledgeable, thoughtful, and caring. I am feeling better than I have for many years, and for that I am incredibly grateful.”


James M

“Debra is so caring and compassionate. She has taught so many lessons that have helped me to get my life back and to help me become the best version of myself I can be. She listens, understands, and makes sure you are in charge of the ERP so that you feel as comfortable as possible. I don't know where I'd be without Debra's help, she has truly shown me an easier way to live life and how to confront OCD with confidence.”


Thomas H

“Debra is always available, supportive, understanding, clear and easy to talk to. She has provided me with great tools to use in my daily life.”

Claire J

“Debra was really good at remembering details and seeing the overall picture. She called me several times to either answer my questions, clarify a situation, or share an idea she had about treatment for our daughter. Our daughter progressed quickly with the tools Debra taught in therapy. She was also very kind and patient and understood the cognitive limitations of a 13 yrs old girl.”

Laurie M

"Debra is honestly one of the nicest, most genuine people I've ever met and worked with. She always made it a point to ask not only how my OCD was, but how my personal life was going as well. (I mean I know that's her job, but she made sure to go above and beyond.)
Before my diagnosis, I was going to school to obtain an English degree, and now since my diagnosis I’m changing my major to psychology. I'm looking forward to helping people and changing lives. Thank you so much!"

Catherine L

“I have loved working with Debra. She was so patient and understanding of my experiences. She was also very clearly an expert on CBT and mindfulness, which gave me comfort that her advice and tools were coming from a place of experience. I love her demeanor, and she was always on time, professional, and extremely communicative. I also loved that she provided with me with so many resources including books, articles, websites, audio meditations, and more. She is such a wealth of knowledge and my sensei in learning to manage my anxiety. I can't thank her enough for her help.”

Haley B

"Debra was incredibly knowledgeable, experienced, and organized. After listening to me describe my situation, she then crafted a thorough treatment plan and explained the logic behind each method. Furthermore, she provided me with countless supplementary resources to improve my understanding. Throughout therapy, Debra was always very motivated, compassionate, and kind. She and I quickly developed a connection, and I found it very easy to open up to her. In fact, Debra is one of the best providers (for either medical or mental health) that I have ever had. Even as my motivation wavered at times, Debra never lost her enthusiasm. She perfectly balanced listening and providing information."

Zach M

"Debra is compassionate, consistent, calm, and an expert in her field. She holds a vast amount of valuable knowledge that she makes clear and accessible in session. She helped me stay focused and resilient on my path to get better and offered a range of tools and techniques tailored to my specific struggles in order to provide treatment that really worked. Her warmth and understanding made her easy to open up to, while her optimism, honesty, and direct way of communicating kept me motivated. By arming me with understanding and a toolbox of wise words, mindfulness exercises, and a basic belief that I don’t have to waste one more minute tending to the false alarms of my OCD, Debra helped me develop my own power to consistently come back to my goal and see the big picture. She helped me turn OCD into an ignorable sideshow rather than the main attraction on center stage and truly helped me get my life back."

Sarah P

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist working with eating disorders for over 35 years I have had many opportunities to work with Debra. She has such a deep understanding of anxiety and the many ways it can manifest in someone who is struggling with food and body related issues. A team approach is standard in the care of eating disorders and Debra is my go to for any patient who has a co-existing anxiety disorder that is not improving in standard eating disorder treatment. Often the therapist I am teaming with and I will refer our patients to Debra to work concurrently on anxiety /OCD/phobias while continuing to work with us on the eating disorder. This approach can often speed up the recovery process and create the best potential for long term freedom from disordered eating. Debra is also my go to therapist referral for my clients who are struggling with ARFID. We have shared many of these cases over our many years of working together and are able to create a great team approach. I have seen Debra’s work first hand and without hesitation I strongly recommend Debra Dalton Stein for the treatment of any anxiety related disorder!

Julie Hayes-Nadler, RDN, IFNCP